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The Musicians

Jody Cooper


Volker Kaminski


Falk Moeckel


Martin Reinelt


Norbert Munser


We are family

Participates in MerQury from time to time

Johnny Zatylny


Thomas Engelmann


MerQury - The Show Will Go On!

Cover bands are a dime a dozen, exceptional ones are in short supply. One such rare gem exists in Dresden. The Queen tribute Band MerQury is one of the few groups that has been playing to enthusiastic audiences worldwide for years. Various tours have taken MerQury through Europe, North and Central America and Asia.  Undoubtedly there must be something special about the four graduates of the Dresden University of Music and their British frontman. Since its founding in 1991, MerQury has played more than 2500 shows in 20+ countries. The band's musicians were also main actors in the hit musical We Are the Champions, celebrated by over 200,000 fans across Europe. Here, the concept of MerQury - a mixture of faithfully interpreted Queen songs blended with their unique creative style - makes them a tribute band like no other.

Through their performances, the five thoroughbred musicians convince even sworn Queen fans offering their audiences an extraordinary concert experience. The successful combination of brilliant sound, elaborate light show and pyrotechnic effects, flashy costumes, and lots of audience interaction make every MerQury show incomparable. Jody Cooper, who comes from the UK, is not only visually convincing as frontman in the role of Freddie Mercury. But especially vocally, the singer shines in even the most difficult passages of world-famous Queen songs. As an extravagant and accomplished entertainer, he quickly makes the audience his own.

MerQury has been actively involved in the Aidshilfe Dresden e.V. for more than 25 years and organizes the annual traditional Queen Party in the Saxon metropolis on a grand scale. For this event, artist friends from a wide variety of genres perform together with the band as a tribute to Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS on November 24th, 1991. At past shows, artists such as Jimmy Somerville, Chris Thompson, electra, Dresdner Kapellknaben and Julia Neigel have performed fantastic interpretations of Queen's music. Also we got Olaf Schubert as an funny guest. Proceeds from the event help support the fight against one of the world's most devastating diseases. In another project, MerQury further continues Freddie Mercury's legacy: The "Queen Classical" ingeniously combines the sound worlds of a rock band with a symphony orchestra, allowing audiences to experience works like "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Barcelona" live in their full majesty.